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CBD has an older,
badder sister

Whether you're looking to level up or chill out, Jane's quality hemp oil will take you further, higher, better.

Hemp 101

What is hemp oil (aka CBD)? Is it safe? Is it effective? Why Jane? Learn everything you need to know about this new superfood of sorts and why Jane is different.

An everyday good time, for a long time.

Jane is here to elevate your every day. As simple as not replying to a group text and as dreamy as the perfect vintage denim. Take a walk on the bright side, every morning and every night #withJane.


All products are planted, harvested, extracted and packaged by hand from start to finish, seed to sale. No pesticides, no chemicals. No BS.

“No smoke and mirrors.
But maybe a little smoke”

All products are independent and
third-party lab-tested. Unlike Jane at a party in the Hamptons, our motivations are crystal clear.

“Friends are nothing without benefits”

100% hemp extract to de-stress and uplift bodies and minds. Why? Because whole plant molecules work better together to produce the best benefits. Which you’re worth.

“I’m aware my reputation may precede me.”

"Welcome to the good life, honey." #WITHJANE